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Rental Agreements

Inspect the assets thoroughly and keep detailed records. Inspakt offers a two-way documentation to compare the initial and final status of assets that are rented. Sign and collect signatures at the same time remotely. Stay trusted!

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Logistics Documents

There are a lot of things you have to keep track of. Inspecting, making records, or creating logs can come in handy for creating a tracking system to record everything that happens with your assets. Investigate possible incidents and prepare to make compensations quickly by saving up insurance rates.

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Inspection Reports

The inspection process usually requires people to do the same documentation twice or more. By digitalizing the process, you can create the reports while documenting the assets. Write the details on the referred fields and add multiple pictures of the assets. Then you can also mark up the damages on the images.

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Check-in & Check-out Reports

People who are renting rooms locally through Airbnb or hotel management services (e.g hostel) can benefit from Inspakt for the rental process. It allows you to generate two-way documents along with inspection so that you can compare and detect the damages on assets.

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Damage Management

To avoid any disputes over who damaged the property, it's important to note what happened on a form or report after it happens. With this information, you can also maintain an archive of events and save on insurance premiums.

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It can be very time-consuming to update your contracts continuously- that's why Inspakt is here to lend a helping hand. You can create contract templates, send them to clients, and track their progress without ever needing to leave your device! Plus, you'll always have the final copy of the contract at the ready here!

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Appraisal Reports

Appraisal reports can include information such as the type of construction, age, size, location, and other factors that may affect its value or condition. They are used to help assess the condition of a property. Digitalizing this process and inspection with digital tools allow you to remove human error. In Inspakt, they are very well-detailed and accurate.

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