Two-way Documents

Documents over time

Two-way documents allow you to create one PDF document out of two documents at different time points as start and finish. First, record the details regarding your assets before you rent or lend them to someone. When the agreed time is over, look over the asset as a continued part of the document. Finally, you can compare two statuses of the asset in terms of damages, changes, or other differences over time.

Compare differences

The final document of two instance presents a comparison for you to check the asset. It is especially useful when you record the details with photos.

Simple drag & drop editor

Engaging & personalized content

Responsive and mobile ready

Archive in one document

Attach the extra files to the single document. For instance, you can attach ID documents, background check, or insurance reports and more.

Merge the before and after docs

Attach the other documents

Archieve digitally and never lose it


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Check-in Check-out Reports

Move-in/Move-out Reports

Car Rental Agreement

General Use Damage Report

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