DOC Platform

It is a simple document generation platform with options to add different types of fields to collect data.

Generate documents

Create, customize and finalize documents within the team or request fill out from customers. Manage, track and analyze your teams and organizations and track the documents. Then analyze the overall usage at the end.


Create documents and templates in seconds with the drag-and-drop editor. The DOC platform offers a wide range of components mixed and matched to suit your needs. With it, you don't need coding knowledge nor IT support. Make your documents comply with legal and professional standards, all without touching a single line of code.

No-code template buılder

There are various components to enrich the ways how you collect information with the drag-and-drop editor.

Doc platform


The feature inspection allows you to add required photo fields on your templates. So that you can collect details not only in text but also with a photo documentation. The person filling out the documents can also mark up the details of assets on the picture.


Two-way Documents

Two-way Documents allow you to merge two different PDFs at a given point in time into one document. First, record the details regarding your assets. After the agreed time of the operation ends, record the final status. Then compare two asset statuses in terms of damages, changes, or other differences over time.

Doc Platform

Various components to build


Add drawing fields to show
specific information for example how the accident happened.


Save all your documents with geo-location, time, and date. It's the simplest way to keep track of your documents


Fill in templates with data from an embedded file. Less fumbling around and more time to focus on the important things.


Add extra attachments to the documents. So that creates a single merged document with all requirements.


Request Fill-out

Send a link via an SMS, so that the customers can access to the documents and fill out the fields. Plus, you can use Inspakt App to fill out documents on mobile devices as a team. It is very suitable for recurring operational documents like intake forms, delivery reports, status records, etc.

Remote Documents

Fill-out remotely from everywhere, don't pay for delivery services to carry around your documents.

Send to collect information

Send documents via a link in an SMS to the customers. So that they can access the documents and fill out remotely on a browser.

Fill out on mobile devices

As a team, use Inspakt App to fill out on mobile devices and create final reports. It is suitable for recurring documentation.

ANd more

Explore what you can do better

Inspakt offers many features for you to create flawless documentation process.


All your records, reports, and operational archive are stored safely in Inspakt. Track the progress status as awaiting fill-out, awaiting signature, or completed.


Reveal overviews of your usage. Monitor how much time and money you have saved by reducing papers in your business. See also how many trees you saved.

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