With so much to do with Inspakt's advanced features, it is easy to see why it has become the go-to solution for the modern workplace.

Inspakt Doc Platform

Generate and customize templates and documents for different purposes.

Digital Biometric Signature

Choose or upload your document and send it to collect signatures from multiple signatories.


No-code Template Builder

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create a template and finalize it yourself without technical assistance. You can enrich the content of your documents for data collection.

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Explore all features to expand the use of documentation

Inspakt offers many features for you to create flawless documentation process.


The template builder offers a no-code editor. Just drag an element and drop it to add.

Radio Group

Add your content fields and customize with complete ease and flexibility.


Include photo documentation in the inspection documents. Mark up details on the picture.


Send a link to your customers and request to fill out documents remotely.


Keep a detailed record of the initial and final status of assets and see the comparison.


Include photo documentation in the inspection documents. Mark up on pictures.


Two-way Documents

Create two documents for the same asset at different times. Include an extensive inspection of the goods along with other required details. Later, Inspakt generates a single document out of many. You can compare the initial and the final instances at the end.

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Inspakt embeds time and location information with the document and seals it.


All documents in Inspakt are sealed with a binding time-stamp and secured.

Remote Documents

Don't depend on locations; it's time to mobilize and manage everything remotely.

Complete the requested documents on your mobile web browser.

Send a fill-out request to others to collect information with no delay.

Inspakt App

Manage your operational documents on Inspakt platforms and co-operate within the team.

Join as a team and fill-out recurring operational documents.

Co-operate within the team to create a flawless operational process.



Don't limit yourself only to text and numbers. Add photo fields to the well-thought and detailed inspection reports. Mark up the damages on the images. Photo-inspection allows you to show the changes in every step.

Mark up on the image


No human error

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Reference Data

Upload a database of your own to show on drop-down menus.


Fill out the fields automatically based on the reference data.

Loop Screen

Use recurring pages in a template and spend less time on it.

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