Remote Documents

Collect data remotely

Enter the customer details and send a link via an SMS. They can fill-out the requested information fields on their web browser. People who were invited to fill out don't need to download an app. Documents work with signatures as well. You can also upload your PDF document to add signatures and send them to collect signatures.

Faster documentation

Reduce the time wasted with a simple digital solution. Finalize in a shorter time regardless of where you are.

Finalize remotely

Benefit from photos and mark ups

Fill out on the browser without an app

Remote fill-out

You don't need for delivery services to carry documents around or wait for other people to come back from their trips.

Collect the information remotely

Accessible anywhere and anytime

Deliver the fill-out link via an SMS

Only browser, no app required

People who were requested a fill-out can complete the document on their browser without downloading an app or any special device.

Fast completion of the documentation

Digitally archieved

Save up by reducing the workload


Paperless Inspections

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