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Damage Reports

Create or request a fill-out report for damages immediately after it happened. This allows you to keep an updated archive of events, avoid conflicts regarding who harmed the asset, and lower insurance costs.

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Accidents and damages are unexpected. You might not know what to do at a such moment. You can find your guide templates that you need in Inspakt. No worries!

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Damage Reports

Highlighted Features


All documents in Inspakt include exact geocode along with time and date of the document created. This is useful especially for accidents.


Accident and damage reports usually require a drawing section. You can state how the accident happened with the drawing component as a part of the document.

Inspect with mark-up

When reporting an accident or damage, adding inspection allows you to be evident through the photos added and damages marked up.


Request and collect other documents such as ID, passport copies, or insurance papers. After that, merge all required documents in one PDF along with damage reports.

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