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Set Sail to the Knowledge Sea in the Digital World: The Art of Data Collection with Forms

Set Sail to the Knowledge Sea in the Digital World: The Art of Data Collection with Forms

Eyşan Kale
January 26, 2024

Digital age is the most accurate word to describe our lives. Our life is in the computers, phones, and the servers of the digital channels. Each step is recorded on these channels. Corresponding to this information, in this blog, we will focus on the convenience of data collection with digital forms instead of hard-copy documents.

First, we can start from the disadvantage of the paperwork. We can easily count the effects on the environment and high cost. Printing, scanning, sending, and archiving documents take time and cost; besides all these, the paper itself has a high cost. Paper manufacturing is an industry that has one of the largest effects on air, water, and land pollution among major industries. Additionally, it's important to note that it is one of the most energy-intensive processes in the manufacturing sector.

Except for these effects, if we specialize it according to our subject, wasting time and being prone to mistakes are the most important effects that make someone go toward digital solutions. If we can start using digital platforms to collect our data, like programs such as Inspakt, instead of using hard copy documents in the processes, we will easily see business improvement by eliminating errors and automating the process. Our target should be to minimize the human or any manual effect on the data to get the right results in our work. Thus, we can save money, time, and effort and eliminate errors.

In addition, you need to mobile your information, data, and documents everywhere in the mobile world. Paper-based documents can be lost or damaged. Also, they can involve just textual or written information, but when you use digital forms, you can collect images, drawings, additional docs, locations, inspections, ratings, etc. You can keep the data with the best version that you need, so you can have not only writing but also all the other information that you will need in the future, thanks to data collection.

The Digital World is a Sea of Information

The digital world is a sea of information; discovering, managing, and operating the data will help us to sail into the knowledge sea. And, data collection is the first step to reaching information in the sea.

We can count 5 data collection methods that are generally used:

  • Surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires.
  • Interviews.
  • Focus groups.
  • Observations (direct and participant)
  • Documents and records (and other types of secondary data, which won't be our main focus here)

Forms are the cornerstone of this process, and they are also powerful tools for data collection in the digital world. The analysis process of these forms also plays a critical role in identifying trends and behaviors and shaping future decisions. Well-designed forms tailored to specific needs not only show user’s thoughts and preferences but also ensure data integrity. It is important to collect and analyze the right information in the right way.

In the digital age, information is more valuable than ever, and accessing this information is a key factor in determining success in both the business world and personal development. Data collection with forms brings us the correct and needed information when combined with the right strategies.


Eyşan Kale

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