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Draw Your Roadmap: Optimise Your Business Processes with Workflow Automation

Draw Your Roadmap: Optimise Your Business Processes with Workflow Automation

Eyşan Kale
March 26, 2024

Workflow automation refers to the process of automating the steps or tasks involved in a particular workflow or business process. This typically involves managing and executing repetitive or manual tasks automatically, thus improving efficiency, reducing errors, and saving time. It is a flow of tasks, documents, and information for all daily business activities so the teams or individuals can operate their jobs more visible and practically, following the rules of the business. This can range from simple tasks such as email notifications and data entry to more complex processes like invoice processing and customer onboarding.

Workflow automation has several benefits for operations, and we will discuss these benefits in this blog. You can improve your operations thanks to the workflow process, let's see how we will do this:

The benefits of workflow automation are usually listed as 11 items:

  1. Time-saving
  2. Cost-saving
  3. Less error
  4. Team Collaboration
  5. Work Transparency
  6. Streamline and structured process
  7. Manage multiple tasks easily
  8. Eliminate manual tasks
  9. Improve employee satisfaction
  10. Improve customer communication & experience
  11. Increase organizational efficiency

First, researches show us that workflow automation increases work efficiency and productivity, accountability for tasks, and job satisfaction. Many times, each team member is working on one project, but they have different tasks. In this case, workflow automation prevents duplicate tasks and fosters accountability by assigning a project lead to monitor progress. Each worker knows exactly what they will do during their working hours, and that avoids manual task’s time consuming. Also, manual tasks spend employees' time while they are re-doing some work for error-fixing. We can avoid this also, thanks to workflow automation.

Besides, the cost-saving effect of workflow automation will not be immediate; it can take some time. However, it will directly impact your business, your customers, and your employees by implementing the most effective workflows for your tasks. This will lead to a decrease in onboarding time and shorter processes. Consequently, the organization can improve its productivity and efficiency, resulting in enhanced employee and customer experiences and increased revenue.

Workflow automation will also improve the team's collaboration and communication with customers and within themselves because it is based on planned communication basically. By standardizing processes and providing visibility into workflow status, automated workflows enable teams to work more cohesively and efficiently. With automation, each team can seamlessly collaborate and coordinate their efforts, leading to faster campaign execution and better results.

After all, forms, contracts, and signatures are a constant part of our daily work. They are repetitive tasks, and they spend a large part of our working hours. Inspakt digitalizes and automates these processes and brings you to the digitalworld. With Inspakt, you can easily create and design your templates, you can fill them out or share them with people to fill out, after filling out your PDF documents are created automatically or you can start by choosing from the templates specially prepared for your industry according to your needs. You can collect the information easily, you can add attachments, ratings, photos, or location in your template. In addition to this, with Inspakt Biometric Signature, the digital alternative of wet-ink signature, you can sign your documents as legally valid or send them to people for signing, you can get your documents signed in seconds, regardless of distance. If you need, you can verify the signer identity with our KYC (Know Your Customer) system automatically.

To give an example; since the Indefinite Term Employment Contracts you have signed with your employees are managed with paper documents, they both take time by bringing operational burden and cause financial expenses. You want a bunch of personal information and documents from the employee and use this information in the contract. You enter them into the contract manually and print it to sign mutually. If you are hiring a remote worker, it is more likely to send it via email or standard cargo delivery. They should sign it and ship it back. And finally, you archive it in your physical folders. In such an overwhelming process, while the paper, toner, printing, scanning, delivery, and then archiving processes required to obtain a signature cause costs, they also prevent you from focusing on other tasks. In Inspakt, you can collect employment information and documents with just a single form, and with the information you collect, your indefinite-term employment contracts are automatically and digitally created and sent to the parties for signatures. It is important to point out that digital biometric signatures generate legal and valid proofs. The place and time of the signature are definitively proven in the document by geo-location and timestamp. A copy of the signed contract is automatically archived in your Inspakt account, while a copy is automatically forwarded to the employee's e-mail. Thus, the process is terminated safely, inexpensively, and fast.

With Inspakt, you can manage all your manual processes in one digital platform. You can even gain more speed and reduce human error to zero by automatically transferring filled information or generated contracts to your other systems or software via ready-to-use API integrations.

Inspakt provides drag-and-drop interfaces with no-code capabilities, so you can automate all manual tasks independently of software developers. As a result of this, you obtain the following outcomes:

  • Incrase in customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in printing, scanning, delivery, storage, and managing costs
  • Faster and more effective operational processes

In conclusion, these systems support your work to make decisions more efficient, faster, and productive; and you can get impactful results in a short time. In today's digital age, automating jobs is not a luxury but a necessity for businesses looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Eyşan Kale

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