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How do I make a PDF template online?

How do I make a PDF template online?

Sura Aydin
October 12, 2022

Introduction: What is a PDF Template?

A PDF Template is a document that contains all the design elements of a professional-looking PDF file. These templates are used to create documents that have the same look and feel on every page. A template can be made from scratch or an existing document.

When creating templates for PDFs, there are many different considerations to make:

1. The interface style:  A drag-and-drop template is the best option if you want to create a template quickly without any technical knowledge, but it may not be able to do everything that a more complicated design would allow. If you are looking for something more complex, try using HTML or CSS to create your design, or ask for the tech team to help you. The nice thing about Inspakt is that it offers a no-code experience. 

2. The variety of components you can use: It is crucial to have good options because when you enter the data, you will use different formats and options to collect the data more practically. In this matter, Inspakt has a great variety of components to generate your document templates.

3. Storage and workflow options: Does the platform allow you to collect the data and create a workflow? Creating a template is the first step in the operations, but you need to plan how you will use that template. Inspakt is where you can also use your templates to collect data by sending them to your customers or sharing the mobile app with your team, which leads to flawless operations.

4. A library of existing templates: Sometimes, what you need is very generic, but you can’t find a proper one to use. Well, that’s ok. Inspakt offers a library of existing templates for different business fields. From rental agreements to inspection reports and more.

How to Create a PDF Template in 5 Simple Steps with Inspakt

Step 1: Sign up for your own workspace

Simply create an account with a personal email address, if you use your work email, you might need to create an Organization, or if your workplace already has an account in Inspakt, you might automatically be directed to the existing organization account.

Step 2: Create a new template

At this point, you might want to see existing templates, but let’s focus on creating from scratch now. So choose the blank template. Then you will need to decide if you want your document to be one-way or two-way. Let’s clarify their function.

One-way documents are basically done after filling out the document once. For instance, if you use it for an agreement, you probably need to fill out the fields once. But there are other cases, such as when you want to fill out the document twice and maybe compare before and after the status of the inspections.

Here are two-way documents. This type of document allows you to create a template that you can create two rounds to fill out. It means that you can compare two different data sets that have been entered at other times. This can be a comparison or check-in check-out documents.

Step 3: Add elements

Assuming using one-way, after adding the first blank page, you can start using the drag-and-drop editor to use different elements from the pool. Elements create fields to gather various types of data in different ways. So here is a list of the elements:

Textbox, numbers, data and time, check boxes, switch, dropdown options, photo, an inspection that allows you to mark the pictures, radio group, slider, location, drawing, file, and consent.

Step 4: Design your document

After loading the elements, you are almost done. Before finalizing it, you can give it a nice looking. You can choose document colors and format the texts based on your branding guide.

Whether you are designing a business, school, personal, or government document, we got you!

Step 5: Ready to send!

Now you are done! You can send your template to become a final document. You and someone else can fill it out without signing up or downloading an app. The receiver will only get a link allowing them to complete the document on the browser.

What else can I do on my document in Inspakt?

Apart from creating a template, you can also use Inspakt as a platform for signing your documents. You can either upload your PDF documents or add signature fields at the end of building your template.

Inspakt is a secure, smart and intelligent digital signature service which allows you to sign your documents remotely. It's a cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their time and energy.

Sura Aydin

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