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3 Different Adopters of New Technologies

3 Different Adopters of New Technologies

There are three different kinds of new technology adopters based on the decision when to adopt: Innovators, Early Adopters, and The Mainstream Market.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

1 - Innovators 

They’re the people who are usually enthusiastic about technology and new advancements. They might have a job that requires being knowledgeable about the market. They follow what’s new in the startup world and which new tech solutions could be a good contribution in the future with their promising capabilities. Innovators are eager to take risks when they decide to adopt a new product because they tend to know tricky details since it is their already interest.

2 - Early Adopters

Early adopters follow rising technology capabilities to implement a strategic opportunity. They want to achieve a competitive advantage over their peers so that they can take risks. Early adopters are visionaries and guides in their industry. They are happy to be the ones who use a new product for the first time. They also contribute to its development with their feedback. Early adopters consider if the product could offer a to-the-point solution for their needs and goals when deciding to adopt it.

3- The Mainstream Market

The companies which fall into this group adopt a product at the latest among the other adopters of new technologies. Their decision tends to be too cautious and avoid any risks while missing opportunities. The adopting comes after seeing other competitors using a product and benefiting from it. Often, the mainstream market won't consider adopting new technology until it is necessary to maintain their profit. The underlying idea of this attitude is usually to stay away from any change and try to stay traditional as far as possible.

Among all three categories, the most advantageous group is the early adopters. Because in that case, the risk is usually not too high to gamble or too low to miss opportunities. Implementing a valuable benefit in the long term also gives a competitive advantage over other competitors. In addition, being an early adopter makes companies lead the development of technology with their feedbacks and optimizations. Which also would result in thought leaders born in the companies with their early visionary experiences. 

Sura Aydin

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