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Inspection Reports

Keep track of what needs to be updated and what's due for maintenance. Be it a car, a house, or a business, we've got you covered! Forget about paperwork and manual management, Inspection is here and it's time for your business to get on the same page.

Record and create at the same time

The inspection process usually requires people to do the same documentation twice or more. When you digitalize the Inspection process, you can finalize and create the reports while documenting the assets. Write the details on the referred fields and add multiple pictures of the assets. Then you can also mark up the damages on the images.

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Hotel Room Inspection Report

Rental Car Inspection Report

House Inspection Report

Digital Asset Inspection Report

Inspection Reports

Highlighted Features


This feature will provide you with high-quality records of the damage to your property. You can use it to mark up the pictures with areas having damages. Get your property inspected today!


Filing and keeping the correct documents together requires attention to detail. You can minimize this effort by adding all other attachments to your main inspection report with Inspakt. All merged in one PDF document!

Digital Biometric Signature

It can be tedious to keep track of inspection reports because of manual data entry after scribbling the details on a piece of paper. With the Digital Biometric Signature, finalize the documenting your inspections at once.

Rating and Checkbox

Give a rate to the asset status as 1 to 5 stars with a rating based on the criteria you specified. Plus, you can also create checkbox lists and use them during the inspection.

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