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 What is a workspace?

Workspace is the Inspakt account created when someone signs up with a non-organizational email address. Any group of people can use the workspace. 

How to create a workspace?

If you sign up with an e-mail address that does not belong to an organization, you create your own workspace. After completing the membership steps, you will see the workspace settings. From here, you create your own workspace by giving a name to your workspace and the e-mail addresses of the people you want to invite to the workspace.

Can I create multiple workspaces or organizations with a single email address?

If you are signing up with an organization e-mail address, you can create your own workspace immediately after your organization account is set up. You can create a single workspace and a single organization with an e-mail address linked to an organization. However, you can join one or more workspaces or organizations as a member or guest member.

If you set up a workspace for your personal work with your personal e-mail address while subscribing to Inspakt, you cannot create another workspace with the same e-mail address.

Can I use my personal email address to create a workspace?

Yes. If you want to create a Workspace for your personal use, simply sign up to Inspakt with your personal e-mail address. You can also create a Workspace for your personal use, independent of your organization, with an organization e-mail address already defined to Inspakt.

How to create an invite link?

After opening your Inspakt account and creating a workspace, you may want to invite your friends to your workspace. After clicking NEW on the main page and entering the contact information of the people you want to invite, your invitation link will be sent to each.

Do I need to get an invite link to create a workspace?

No. You do not need to get an invitation link to become a member of Inspakt and create your own workspace. You can create a workspace by signing up to Inspakt.

Can I invite other people after creating a workspace?

Yes, you can. After you become a member of Inspakt with your non-organizational personal e-mail address, you create a workspace. You can invite people you want to work with to your workspace. Workspace is for personal use and small teams, and therefore, the team structure in an organization does not exist in workspaces.

How do I cancel the invite link? If I cancel the invite link, will the other party be notified?

You do not have the opportunity to cancel the invitation link you have sent. You can ask our support team to help you by stating your problem.

How many people can I invite to the workspace?

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to your workspace. People who come with your invitation can perform their transactions as workspace members.

 How do I share the documents I created?

After logging into your Inspakt account, enter the My Documents page on the main page. On the My Documents page, you will see all pending documents, signed documents, and completed documents. To share a document, click on the document you want to share and select “Share”. After typing the email address of the person you want to share with into the field, your document will be sent.

 Are the statistics of the documents I created kept on your system? Where can I get it?

You can see the statistics of your documents on your Inspakt home page. Data is updated weekly. According to your statistics, you can review your weekly data and create the following week's work plan.

 Will deleting the workspace delete my documents?

After deleting the workspace, all documents are deleted within a month.

 Can people I invite to the workspace invite other people?

When they accept the invitation request, people you invite to the workspace become workspace members. They can manage their own workspace, create documents, share their templates, and invite other people.

 Can I create a team after creating a workspace?

No. You cannot create teams if you are not an organization member on Inspakt. Only members who log into their organization with their organization e-mail address can create teams. The team structure is for units and employees in the organization to work in cooperation. On the other hand, a workspace is used for personal work. You cannot create a team with the people you invite in a workspace.

Can I join an organization as a guest member with the e-mail address I created a workspace with?

Yes, you can. To become a member of the organization, you only need to be a member of Inspakt with the e-mail address of that organization. However, you can become a guest member with an invitation to any of your non-organizational e-mail addresses.

 How can I delete a workspace?

To delete the Workspace you created in Inspakt; you can send your request to our support team by sending an e-mail to [email protected].