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What is Digital Biometric Signature?

Digital Biometric Signature is a type of electronic signature obtained from the touch screen by using behavioral biometric data of signers such as speed, acceleration, pressure, angle, and shape of signature creation, and linking these data to the signed document in an indecipherable way.

How is Digital Biometric Signature different from other electronic signatures?

Digital Biometric Signature is a form of electronic signature. It is a type of signature in which the signer is attached to a digital document with a digital certificate. Thus the signer signs the document. Digital Biometric Signature is different from other electronic signature types, with the signer's biometric data being linked to the document in an undecşpherable way. In this way, in cases where the person denies the signature, the criminal police laboratory or forensic medicine institution can examine the signature to determine the signatory’s identity. Inspakt also protects biometric data with 100% legal timestamps.

Is Digital Biometric Signature legally valid?

Yes. It is legally valid, but the variety of documents that can be signed may differ from country to country. Although the law regarding signing varies, most countries have the same basic principles.

Is Digital Biometric Signature secure? In which countries does it apply?

Digital Biometric Signature is used with timestamp technology, which serves as indisputable proof of when it was signed. At the same time, it is protected by public and private key encryption methods to ensure security and integrity. A biometric signature is also a handwritten signature, and it is no different from a wet signature. Inspakt Digital Biometric Signature meets the standards in the ESIGN Act and eIDAS. Click on the page to check the validity for countries.

What is a timestamp?

A timestamp is an e-certificate that digitally proves when the action is taken. To ensure that the "age of the document" or "when the document is signed" can be determined in the biometric signature examination by the criminal police laboratory or forensic medicine institution; "timestamp" must be added to this biometric data provided from the authorized institutions of each country while the person is signing via a tablet or mobile phone. Thus, "when" the electronic document is signed can be proven with certainty.

Are there any document types for which the Digital Biometric Signature is not valid?

Digital Biometric Signature is not valid in cheques, promissory notes, title deeds, marriage contracts, divorce cases, and the conditions required in-person signature.

How do I sign a document?

After clicking on the link in the email or SMS sent to your mobile device, the signature ped will appear on your browser. You can quickly sign your signature via the touch screen with a handwritten signature.

Can I sign my documents without creating them in Inspakt?

Yes. After logging in to Inspakt, you can create new templates using the Inspakt Doc Platform and have them signed, or you can upload the PDF documents you created on your system to Inspakt and sign them after determining the location of the signing area.

Do I need any device or kit to use Digital Biometric Signature?

To implement a Digital Biometric Signature, a connection to a touch screen capable of capturing the signer's biometric data is required. This device can be your mobile phone or tablet. These devices can capture and save static and dynamic data by their touch screen. Thus, the behavioral biometric data of the signatory is collected.

 Do I have to sign up to Inspakt to use a Digital Biometric Signature?

If you want to sign a document using Inspakt, you can perform your transaction with an invitation without being a member. However, if you're going to have a document signed using Digital Biometric Signature, you must be a member of Inspakt. If you want to get a document signed, by signing up to Inspakt, either under an organization or in your workspace, you can create a document to be signed and send it to individuals for signing.

 Do I need to download the app to use Digital Biometric Signature?

Digital Biometric Signature is a signature created by hand and signed with a phone or tablet. However, the person who will sign can perform the signature process with the link in the message sent to his phone without downloading our application. The user who will sign does not need to be a member of Inspakt.

Can I save my signature?

No, the signature cannot be saved. You have to re-sign each time. This is how a biometric signature works.

 What is the format and dimensions of the signature field?

The signature field is automatically resized according to the document. The signing ped is sized according to the device. Your signature is added to the document by scaling it according to these two ratios.

 How to make a signature request?

With the Send-Document button, you can send the template you created using Inspakt to people. After defining the signature field for the template, the signature invitation will be sent via SMS to the people's phones. If you want to upload an external document and have it signed, you can choose it after clicking Send Document. After placing the signature field, you can send it to the person or people whose information you entered for signing.

 Where can I view signed documents?

If you log in with a personal email, you can view your signed documents by clicking the Documents title on the main page in your workspace. If you are a team member affiliated with an organization, you can view your signed documents by going to the team home page and clicking the Documents title. If you want to view the signed documents you have created, click the My Documents title on the main page.

 Can I see who signed my document?

Yes. You can see the signatory by clicking on the Signature Details option after clicking on a document.

 How to send a copy of the signed document to the parties? Will I receive a notification after the document is signed?

After the document you sent for signing is signed by the people, a notification is sent to you, and the signed document is sent to the e-mail addresses of the parties.

 My internet was down while signing the document, do I need to be invited again?

No. After you receive the invitation to sign, you can enter the signature link again and again until you sign and send it. If a problem with your connection occurs after signing the document, your signature will be sent when your phone reconnects to the internet.

 Can I sign offline?

No. To sign a document, you must be connected to the internet. You cannot sign the document offline.

 Can I change my signature?

No. You cannot change your signature in the document after you have signed it.

 Can I make changes to the document I signed?

No. No changes can be made after the users sign a document.

 Can I delete my signature from the document I signed?

No. After signing the document, you cannot make any changes. You cannot delete or change your signature.

 How long does it take to sign a document?

It takes just seconds to open the request link and sign. After sending the document, it should be signed in 48 hours. Otherwise, the request link expires.

  How is the security of Digital Biometric Signature security ensured?

Each digitally signed document in Inspakt carries proof of each participant's signature within the document. The signer's certificate is linked irreversibly through encryption using a private key during the signing process. A legally-valid timestamp stamped with the signed document proves when the signature is taken. Also, audit logs provide additional valuable information, such as the signer's IP address or geographic location.

Can I put a password on the document I sent for signature?

No. Instead,  a unique OTP code can be sent to the signer and entered before signing. In this way, each signer is verified. Therefore, you do not need to put a password on any document.