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What is an Organization?

The organization is the structure that allows all employees in your company to work in a single Inspakt space, depending on the email domain your company uses. The organization can be divided into teams within the app so you and your teammates can collaborate.

Is it necessary to have a company email address to become an organization member? Can I join the organization with my personal email address? May I have an invitation?

To join an organization in Inspakt, you must have an e-mail address defined for the organization. You cannot join an organization with an e-mail address outside the organization. With an external email address, you can only become a guest member by accepting the invitation of a member from the organization. 

How to create an organization?

The first person to log in to Inspakt with the organization's email address also creates the organization. You create your own “workspace” if you create a membership with an external email address.

Who is in the organization?

In an organization created in Inspakt, organization members sign up with their organization email address and guest members with their external email addresses. To be a guest in the organization, an organization member must invite you.

Who can be invited to the event?

Anyone can be invited to the organization, but to join the organization as an organization member, you must have the organization's e-mail address. If someone with a non-organizational e-mail address is invited to Inspakt, they become a guest member.

How do I invite people to the event?

There are several ways to invite people to Inspakt. After clicking the New button on the top right, click on New Member and fill in the information of the person you want to invite, and send the request. If you are using Inspakt as an organization, you can invite members or guest members to the team by entering the teams page and clicking Invite from the options.

How do I cancel the invite link?

To cancel the invitation link you sent to people, you need to e-mail Inspakt Support.

How can I join an organization?

If you want to join an organization in Inspakt, you must first create an organization or log in to the established organization with an organization e-mail. If the Organization Admin has selected the Auto Accept option, you will be included without the acceptance approval after the membership process. Otherwise, the admin’s approval is required.

Should I wait for the invitation link to become a member of the organization?

No. You do not need to wait for the invitation link to join the organization. All you need to enter the organization is to create a free Inspakt account with your organization e-mail address.

 What is a team?

A team is a subset in which organizational members work and collaborate. Organization members can create teams to invite organization members and guest members from outside the organization. You can share templates and documents created in the team with your teammates. The created templates can be edited and shared by your teammates by copying.

How to create a team?

There are several ways to create teams in Inspakt. You can create your team by clicking the New button on your home page and choosing the team from the options. Or, after clicking the "Create a new team" button on the Teams page, you can create your team after editing your team's name, the e-mail address of the members you will invite to the team, and your team settings. When you enter the Teams page, you can see the teams you have registered and requested to join.

 How many types of teams are there?

There are three types of teams: public, private, and protected teams that you can join by request.

Private teams can only be viewed by members. Users cannot create an invitation request for this team. You can join this team with an invitation by a particular team member.

Public teams are teams that users who log into the organization can easily log in to. You do not need to receive any confirmation or invitation link to enter these teams.

Protected teams are the teams that users have to create an invitation request to enter. After the approval of the organization manager, you can enter a protected team.

 How can I join a team?

There are different ways to become a team member in Inspakt. If the team is a public team, the members of the organization can join the teams without requiring admin approval. Otherwise, members can join the team if they request to join the team and the admin accepts it. In private teams, this process is different. Members cannot see the private team; they cannot request to join; they can only join the team with the invitation of a person from the private team.

 How many members can be in a team?

Anyone who is a member of the organization can participate in the team. In Inspakt, there are no restrictions on creating teams and the number of team members.

 What is a guest member? How to invite a guest member to a team? What can a guest member do in a team?

Organization members logging into Inspakt can invite guest members to teams. A guest member is a person who joins the organization with an e-mail address outside the organization. The team member sends an invitation link to the email address of the person they want to join as a guest. After accepting the invitation link sent to their email address, the person can access the templates, fill out and view the documents in the team to which they are invited as a guest.

 Can I restrict the content that the guest member can see?

The guest member who joins the team with the invitation of the organization member can access all the templates and documents created within the team. You cannot restrict the accessibility of the guest member.

 Can a guest member create a team?

No. Guest members cannot create teams. Only members who log in with the organization email can create teams. The guest member can only access created templates or documents and fill out a template within the team.

 Can I restrict the access of members of the team?

No, restricting the access of members is not allowed. Team members or guest members invited to the team can access all transactions in the team.

 How to accept requests to join the team?

After logging into your Inspakt account, the notifications appear on the main page. Under the notifications heading, you can respond to join requests of the members. You can also reply to join requests from your team's home page.

 Can an organization member be a member of more than one team at the same time?

Yes. A member who joins Inspakt with their organization email address can enter all the teams in the organization or send a request to join. There is no limit to joining teams in Inspakt.

Can I delete created teams in bulk?

You don’t have the opportunity to delete the teams in bulk to prevent any mistakes. You can delete teams individually.

 Can I move people from one team to another?

You cannot move team members to other teams. Members can join a team they want to join, request joining, or leave the team.

 How can I move templates to another account or team?

You cannot move the templates that you created to another account. You need to create the templates again.

 Can I see the activities of the team members from the admin panel?

The team admin can see the actions taken by the team members on the "Insights" on the home page. From the notifications screen, you can answer users' requests who want to join the team. You can also see the total number of members from the admin panel.

 Can I see the templates created within the organization?

You can only see and copy to edit the templates in a team you have already joined. You can’t access the templates of the teams that you are not a member of.

 Can I edit the template created by the team member?

To edit the templates created by the team member, you need to copy the template. Only the creator of the template can make changes to it.

 Can I send a template created by a team member to people to fill out?

Yes. You can send a template created by a team member to people. However, if you want to change the template, you have to copy the template.

 Can I delete a template created by a team member?

No, you cannot delete it. A template can be deleted only by its creator.

 Can I access the templates if I leave the organization?

No, you cannot access it. The templates and documents you created are assigned to the organization admins.

 When a member is removed from the organization, what happens to the templates and documents they created?

The templates and documents they created are assigned to the organization admins.

 How do I leave the organization? What steps should I follow?

Only organization admins can remove you from the organization. You need to contact the organization admin.

 Do I have to be on the same team with someone to remove them from the team?

Yes. To remove a team member, you must be on the same team as the person you want to remove. You do not have the opportunity to interfere with the members of the team that you are not a member of.

 What happens to the templates created by a member when they are removed from a team in the organization?

After a member is removed from a team, the templates and documents they created in the team continue to be included in the team’s document and template page.

 How can I delete members from a team?

To delete members from the team, you must enter the team page. When you enter the team page, all team members will appear. You can delete the member by clicking on their name and choosing “Delete” from the options.

 Can a member who has been deleted/exited from the organization have access to documents?

After leaving the organization, the documents they created within the organization are assigned to the organization admin. They will not be able to access documents after leaving the organization.