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What is a template? What is a document?

Templates are prepared forms to fill out later to create the final documents easily. You may find many existing templates in Inspakt Library and choose one, then use it, or you can use the drag-and-drop editor and create a new template based on your specific needs in any service. 

Documents are the final products of filled-out templates. You can download your documents after filling in the templates and finalizing them.

 How do I create a new template?

You can create a new template using the “New” button placed on the top right side of the Home page. Then you will need to give a name to the template, add a description, choose the type of the template and arrange the team visiblity. After that, you will be directed to the drag-and-drop template builder. You will have blank screens to customize your own template on this page. You can choose and drag the components from the right side of the screen and drop them on the blank screen. While you arrange the information fields to collect data, you will be able to see a preview of the template on PDF Design page. You can customize the component settings as well. 

Is Inspakt free?

Yes, signing up for Inspakt is entirely free of charge. After creating your account, you can start creating templates and making documents using free credits in your account. Inspakt’s interface has a user-friendly design. Without coding knowledge, you can manage all the things with the drag and drop components of the editor.

Can I create a new template on the Inspakt Web page?

Yes, you can. The only way to create a new template is to use the drag-and-drop editor in Inspakt’s web platform. Unfortunately, you cannot create a new template using the Inspakt mobile application. After signing up to Inspakt, you can create new templates and simplify your operations.

 Can I create a new template using the Inspakt mobile application?

Unfortunately, you can only create a new template using the Inspakt web platform. 

 How do I send a template I created to my customers for making a document?

You need to send a template to your customers when you would like to make a document as a result of the business process between you and your customers. To do that, you can use the “Send Doc” button on the Home page. This button will open a screen to choose the template to send and add the recipients who will fill out the template. 

A template would become a document after the recipient filled out the template. You will find the final document in your Inspakt account, and the recipient will also receive the document as attached to an email in PDF format.

 Which information of the recipient should I include when I send a request for a document?

After you have created a template and choose to send it to your customer, you should include the following information about the recipient:

Phone number
E-mail address

Your customer will receive a text message to verify their identity. After verification, the link in the SMS or the e-mail they have received will direct them to the document page to fill out. 

 Can I change a template that I have already sent to fill out?

Yes, you can make changes to a template you have already sent. The recipient will fill out the updated version of the template. Yet, you cannot edit the content in a document that its recipient has already filled out.

 How do I generate a document?

First of all, you need to choose a template of your own or an existing one from Inspakt Library to generate a document. After that, you or other users can fill out the templates using the features of either Basic Documents or Remote Documents. After completing the information fields in the template and submitting them, your document will be generated automatically. 

You may use the Inspakt mobile application to fill out the templates. In this way, you generate a document using Inspakt’s Basic Documents feature. You can select a template for the document and then fill it out on the application. As a result, you would have the document that you want.

You could also generate a document without using the Inspakt mobile application. The remote Documents feature allows you to send a template to a recipient and make them fill out the template. To do that, you can use the “Send Doc” button on the Home page of your Inspakt user profile and then send a link to the recipient via SMS or e-mail. The recipient may find the link in the received SMS or e-mail and will be directed to the page to fill out the template. Recipients do not need to download the Inspakt mobile application for Remote Documents. 

Please note that you or the recipients must use a smartphone or a tablet to fill out a template. It is not possible to fill out a template on the website.

 Can I fill out a template and make a document on the web platform?

No, templates cannot be filled out on the web paltform. You must use smartphones or tablets to fill out the templates. For the Basic Documents, users may use the Inspakt mobile application; and for the Remote Documents, users might use the link received via SMS or e-mail on their mobile device. The remote Documents feature allows single-time users to fill out the template and finalize the document without downloading or signing up to Inspakt. After filling out the template, each party will receive the final document in PDF format.

 What are the types of documents in Inspakt?

There are two types of documents in Inspakt: Basic and Remote Documents. These two kinds are different from each other in how they are created. Basic Documents are the ones that have been filled out in the Inspakt mobile application, whereas Remote Documents do not require any sign-up process or mobile application. The users receive a request via SMS or e-mail to fill out a template and generate a document remotely.

 What is the feature of Remote Documents? How does it work?

You need to send your template to the opposite party to collect the required information and create a document. Remote Documents is the feature by which you can send your template as a web link, either as SMS or e-mail, to make the opposite party fill out without Inspakt’s mobile application.

Which components can I use in the documents?

Inspakt has a variety of drag-and-drop components by which you can prepare your documents: 
          - Textbox
          - Text area
          - Number
          - Date
          - Time
          - Checkbox
          - Switch
          - Dropdown
          - Photo
          - Inspection
          - Radio group (Single choice buttons)
          - Slider
          - Location
          - Rating
          - Chips (Multiple choice buttons)
          - Drawing
          - File 
You can create different templates and edit them using these components.

 What are One-way/Two-way documents?

One-way documents are the documents that are filled and completed at a time, and all process related to these documents finishes at that time. On the other hand, a Two-way document is a type that you can fill out two different times to track the final and initial status comparatively. Car Rental Pick-up/Return Inspection Forms can be an example of Two-way documents.

 How can I access the templates and documents I have created?

After logging in, you can access your published and drafted One-way/two-way templates by clicking on the “My Templates” from the left menu. By clicking “My Documents” from the same menu, you can access your completed, pending, and signed documents. If you are a part of a team within an organization, you can access all the templates created in your team by entering the “My Templates” page in the menu after entering your team's page. You can access all the documents created in your team by entering the “My Documents” page in the same menu.

 Can I send a template created by my teammate? Can I use the template? Can I send the template to someone?

If you are a part of a team affiliated with an organization in Inspakt, you can see the templates created by your teammates and send them to someone. Only the team member who creates the template can edit it. You have to duplicate the template to redesign it.

 Are there ready-to-use templates in Inspakt?

Yes. Users can create their templates from scratch. Or, they can utilize the ready-to-use templates from various industries such as retail, hospitality, heavy equipment, logistics, insurance, automotive, and real estate.

 Can I edit the document file I created elsewhere in Inspakt?

No. By uploading the PDF files you created outside of Inspakt to our system, you can only perform your signing operations. Editing of these documents is not allowed.

 How do I share templates with my teammates?

If you participate in a team after logging into Inspakt with your organization's e-mail address, your teammates will be able to see the templates you have created. On the team page, you can see the templates and documents made by your teammates. 

 Can I hide templates from team members?

No. If you are part of a team in Inspakt, you cannot hide the templates you have created from your teammates. Your teammates can access the templates you have made.

 I want to send my documents via the Remote Doc feature but can not find the template I want to send.  

You can send the templates you created using Inspakt to your customers. On the Inspakt homepage, by clicking the “Send Doc.” button, you can send the templates you created in the team you are a member of. If your templates are not visible, pay attention to which team you made the template you want to use, check your team page and repeat the process.

 Can I send documents to more than one person to fill out?

There are no restrictions on the number of people you can send to fill out the templates you create. After creating the template, you can send it to people by entering their information.

 What is Loop Screen?

Loop Screen allows users to easily copy and increase a specific page in a document while filling out. It is commonly used in room inspections or similar documents, especially in Real Estate. You can create a document easily for a 2-room-house with a template designed for a 1-room-house.

 How do I know if the documents I created have not been modified? How do you ensure security?

When and where a document is created is stamped to every document. The security is rooted in these timestamps and geolocation features. A timestamp is digital data of the time of occurrence of a particular filling out or signing process. Geolocation, on the other hand, is a feature used in smartphones, which is activated by GPS and determines where the data is processed. Besides these features, you can check out the original versions of your documents from the QR-code stamped to every document.

 Can I download the documents I created in Inspakt to my phone or computer?

You can easily download the documents you created in Inspakt to your phone and computer. Go to the My Documents page, click on the document you want to download, and select the download button from the options that appear.

 How do I delete a template?

To delete the templates you have created in Inspakt, click on the My Templates on your home page. All of the templates you have created will appear in front of you. You can quickly delete by clicking the template and pressing the delete button from the options that will appear.