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Billing and Pricing

Is there any fee to become a member of Inspakt?

No, there is no fee to create a membership in Inspakt.

What is the pricing policy of Inspakt?

Inspakt adopts usage-based pricing. We provide users with the opportunity to make transactions with the balances they have loaded to their accounts. However, it is possible to commit a monthly subscription to use Inspakt with greater discounted prices beyond standard volume discounts. 

How does the usage-based pricing system work?

The usage-based pricing (i.e., pay-as-you-go) system loads the balance with the card you have defined in your Inspakt account and uses this balance according to the transaction cost you perform. This way, users can make transactions within their plans with the credits they have loaded to their accounts rather than a monthly subscription.

Will I get an invoice in the usage-based pricing system?

Yes, an invoice is issued for each loading in usage-based pricing. After adding the balance to your account, your transaction invoice is sent to your e-mail address. If you want, you can download your invoice in PDF format.

Do the prices include taxes? What are the factors that determine the amount of tax?

No, the prices do not include taxes. The factors that determine the amount of tax vary according to the country.

Will any balance be included in my account when I become a member?

Yes. When you sign up to Inspakt, Inspakt defines free credits for new users. With the free credits in your account, you can create documents, get your documents signed using digital biometric signatures, and share them with people.

What transactions can I do with the free credits defined in my account?

When you sign up for Inspakt and create a new membership, free credits are defined in your account by Inspakt. With the given free credits, you can benefit from all the services offered by Inspakt. You can send the templates you create to people to fill out or get them signed.

Do the free credits have an expiration date?

After you become a member of Inspakt, you can perform all your transactions with the free credits defined in your account. There is no time limit for using the free credits. Users can use the defined balance at any time.

How do I add balance to my Inspakt account?

You must have a debit/credit card to add a balance to your Inspakt account. After logging in, open the billing screen by entering the admin panel and saving your card information to add balance from our system. Then you can quickly load the balance by clicking on “Add Funds” and typing the balance amount you want to add. If you have problems with loading balance, please contact live support.

 Can I add a balance with a virtual card?

Yes. If you have a sufficient balance that can cover the amount you want to add to your card, you can load the balance with your virtual card. 

 How do I add balance to my account with Promo Code?

After logging in to Inspakt, enter the admin panel and open the Billing tab. If you want to make a transaction with a Promo code, click "Add Funds" and switch to the Promo Code tab. You can top up your account by typing your code in the opening field.

 How does Auto Recharge work?

In Inspakt, it is called Auto Recharge when you place an automatic payment order to replenish your account balance as soon as it is below a certain amount. The amount you have previously determined is withdrawn from your card and added to your balance when you allow this instruction. Thus, you can continue your Inspakt experience.

 What should I do to make a committed use?

If you have an approximate estimation of your monthly use and want a discount on the prices, you can upgrade to a committed-use plan. You can send an email to [email protected] or ask from the live chat to start the process.

 Can I pay by check?

Yes. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] or reach our support team from the live chat on our website for more information.

 How can I delete the credit card defined in my account?

After logging in to your Inspakt account, go to the admin panel and open the Billing page. After selecting the credit card you want to delete, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete button that will appear below it.

 How do I update the credit card defined in my account?

After logging in to your Inspakt account, you can see your defined credit cards by entering the billing section on your admin panel. Here, you can choose the credit card you want to update and change the card information.

 Can I load the balance/get the promo code in different currencies?

You can load the balance and use a promo code with the currency your account belongs to. If your account is defined as the Turkish lira, you can trade in TL; if it is expressed in dollars, you can trade in USD. According to your company's country, this identification process is done automatically by Inspakt.

 Will my account be suspended if I don't load the balance into my account?

No. There is no time limit for using the balances you have added to your Inspakt account. When you do not load the balance into your account, your account is not suspended. You can access your templates and documents whenever you want.

 What if my account balance drops to zero?

Running out of balance in your Inspakt account does not cause your account to be closed or the templates and documents you have created before deleted. If your balance runs out, you can not create documents and request digital biometric signatures. 

 What happens to unused balances?

The balances that you do not use in Inspakt remain safe in your account for any future use. We do not have a policy of suspension of your Inspakt account.

 How do I access the fees for documents I have created in the past?

After logging in to your Inspakt account, go to the Billing form in the admin panel. Here, the credit card information, your remaining balance, and your balance movements in the past are displayed. You can review the fees of the documents you have created by entering your previous period transactions.

 Where can I see the payments I have made in the past?

After logging in to your Inspakt account,  go to the Billing form in the admin panel. You can see the card information you used, your remaining balance, and your balance movements in the past. You can see how much credit you added on which date and which card you used while adding balance by entering Payment History.

 Can I freeze my account?

If you want to freeze your account, you must email our support team.

 What do I need to know to delete my account?

If you want to delete your Inspakt account, you must not have any debt. Users who wish to get the data after your account is deleted should e-mail the support team within a month. Otherwise, your data will be deleted.

 Can I transfer the remaining balance in my deleted account to another account?

No. You cannot transfer the balance in your Inspakt account to another account. Your account’s balance is deleted along with your account.