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Use Case: Inspakt for Human Resources
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Use Case: Inspakt for Human Resources

Sura Aydin
October 20, 2022

What is Inspakt?

Inspakt is a digital platform that makes documentation digitalized through various components. First of all, Inspakt offers DOC Platform to Create, customize and finalize documents within the team or request fill out from customers. Manage, track and analyze your teams and organizations and track the documents. Then analyze the overall usage at the end.

Here you can create documents and templates in seconds with the drag-and-drop editor. The DOC platform offers a wide range of elements mixed and matched to suit your needs. It is designed to be a no-code platform so that you can manage your own needs. Also it allows you to make your documents comply with legal and professional standards, all without touching a single line of code.

And second of all, documents get finalized with Digital Biometric Signature. 

Like handwritten inked signatures, signing documents digitally is a way for you to sign documents. You might use an e-signing tool that allows you to sign a document by copying and pasting an image of your signature or write your signature on a digital document with a stylus. Digital signatures differ from each other based on how they validate the authenticity and what data they use for originality.

Combining Digital Biometric Signature with Inspakt's other features along with the DOC Platform, such as adding multiple attachments, drag-and-drop editor for document templates, request data, and fill-out remotely leads to a very unique and functional workflow for you. In Inspakt, you can track the signature processes, and also add multiple signatories to the document.

What does Inspakt add to company culture?


The leading motivation behind Inspakt is to build trust and thus trust is the building block of Inspakt. This comes true by being a platform digitalizing not only final documents but also making the process digital and transparent. It is a trust-building platform that offers a safe and secure environment for digitalizing archives. 


It is long gone that many businesses operate digitally. The future of how things work in life is digital. Every day, all paper piles are becoming digital instead of paper-based copies stored in giant rooms full of dusty files. Adapting and finding solutions is not always easy, considering there are thousands of needs for documents. Fortunately, Inspakt catches the tricky problems and offers solutions for them. In an HR department, for instance, waiting for the signatures and piles of papers in archives might be one of those tricky issues. Inspakt solves this with a safe and secure Digital Biometric Signature and digitalizes the documentation from start to end.


When signatures and private documents are involved, security becomes a crucial matter. For signatures, verifying the authenticity is a leading question when considering using a digital signature. Inspakt's Digital Biometric Signature uses the most respected standards to certify the authenticity of signatories. Besides that, behavioral biometric data makes the digital signature a handwritten signature because behavioral biometrics represent the data of how the signature is created in terms of physical actions of the hand, such as velocity, speed, and x-y values.

Environmental concerns

Documents and archives are like water and air in the Human Resources department. Apart from digitalization to keep up with the changing world, consuming paper leads to many environmental issues. It is not sustainable since natural resources are used to produce more paper. This being the case, a business can contribute to the environment simply by reducing its paper consumption and consequently by reducing its carbon footprint. It happens through the elimination of paper use in everyday operations.

Sura Aydin

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