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Fighting Paper in the Modern Office
Paperless Society

Fighting Paper in the Modern Office

Paperless Society is for those who want to learn how to manage their paper use at work and ensure that what they are doing with their documents.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

Paper is not a sustainable resource and has a lot of adverse effects on the environment. That is why it is essential to find alternatives to paper for your business. We will be exploring the various ways in which paper can be managed in the modern office setting.

The use of paper has many detrimental side effects on the environment. Paper requires trees to be cut down and processed, which causes deforestation. It also produces toxic waste when recycled, releasing harmful chemicals like chlorine gas into the atmosphere. This then leads to air pollution that damages both human health and the environment. Paper also takes up a lot of space in landfills, which causes methane gas, another greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Furthermore, the paper takes a long time to decompose. It can take around 500 years for paper to break down in landfills completely.

The cost of paperwork does not stop at the environmental concerns. The costs for paperwork lead to expenses and the cost of buying or printing it. For example, these are all papers and records created in printing, faxing, scanning, or copying. Besides, paperwork requires extra human effort and sometimes causes a human error in manual data entry.

Paperless offices can benefit many companies by saving time and money by reducing paper products such as paperclips and staplers.
Your company needs to reduce the amount of human resources required to enter data from paper forms into a computer system manually. The process may be tedious for manual workers, and there is always the chance they will make a mistake when entering information. By transforming to a digital platform, you may start automating the process, eliminating errors, and improving your business.

The Benefits of Going Paperless

Going paperless is a way of reducing the amount of paper in use in a business. It is not just about going paperless for environmental reasons in this digital era, but it has been proven to save time and money. Employees waste 4 hours a week because of paperwork, and you can save up this time and use it to benefit the company, which gives every employee 208 hours per year. (1) This doesn't only save the company time and money but also lowers labor costs. The data found by this study are also backed up by the many companies that have already made the switch to being paperless. Many companies have reported saving around 30% on office supplies just one year after switching to being fully digital.

A paperless office is a workplace that stores, manage, and uses digital files instead of paper. Paperless offices save time and money by eliminating the need for employees to print, file, and manage paper. The 21st century is an era where technology has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. It is now possible for humans to go "paperless" with their work.

The main benefits that come with paperless offices are:
- Reduction in clutter
- Saving time and money
- Reducing carbon footprint
- Increasing transparency
- Digital inspection with photo documentation
- Enhancing collaboration among employees

Paperless offices are becoming more and more popular in many industries. Because they save money on printing costs, produce less paper waste, and reduce identity theft risk. The use of these offices can help to conserve natural resources and save time in the long run.

The paperless office is a concept that has been around for a long time. It's not a new idea, and it's not going to go away soon either. In this era of digitalization, the paperless office is more attractive than ever before. There are many benefits, but the most significant one is the cost savings which can be up to 50% of your operational costs. Inspakt is a new document management platform that allows you to create templates for many purposes, such as agreements, inspections, forms, and more. You can then keep working with them on any device without bringing a laptop or printer on business trips, regardless of wherever you are. You can create your specific templates and manage documents on one platform.

(1): Why there has never been a better time to go paperless.

Sura Aydin

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