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3 Essential Drives of Trust in Business
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3 Essential Drives of Trust in Business

Trust is an essential value in life. Wherever we go, we establish a relationship. The quality of our relationship comes from how much trust is involved in them.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

Trust is in every part of life since the beginning of life. You open your eyes and look for someone to trust to understand how life works. Then you grow and start exploring other forms of trust in different social environments. You adapt to various conditions and learn finding solutions for different difficulties. You trust and gain or maybe fail, then you trust again but with the life lesson. Life does not continue without trust because, as people, we need each other to solve problems, share knowledge and reach out for solutions. No one can know everything; people need to include and lean on each other from time to time.

Trust, here, more specifically, refers to whether people believe others will fulfill their promises, tell the truth, or live up to agreements they have made. As we learn whom to trust and what to trust, time passes, and personal theories build from everyone’s perspective. People make up their criteria about leaning on others. Our brain jumps up to a conclusion. We even notice how the person really looks like.

We know trust is essential, but some questions appear. Why do people trust others? What drives trust? How do people know that they are not going to fail? 

Trust has three drives: Ability, benevolence and integrity.

We can talk about three drives of trust:

1- Ability
The characteristic question here is whether they have the capability of doing what they promised.

Presenting a confident image and knowing what you do is the first key to this question. To be open and straightforward to share your knowledge will make people and brands confident regarding what you are promising to do. When people can get informed by you about the subject they have been dealing with, they recognize your authority in the matter.

2- Benevolence
The question to ask here is whether they care about you. What would they do if anything goes wrong?

In personal relationships, we can refer to this as empathy. We all would like to be understood and listened to when we have a problem. In business relationships it is not much different than personal relationships. Having good customer relationships will create a sense of belonging to the brand. They will know that even though something unexpected happens, the company will take care of their profit. The feeling secure will actually the product they buy. 

3- Integrity
There is one more to give attention to, and it is very much important. What set of values does this brand/person have? Do they act accordingly, and they live those values?

Environmental awareness, anti-racism movements, and digital transformation are today’s most encountered topics. We are in a changing world. Do you care about sustainability and digital transformation? How well are you adaptive to this changing environment? They exist in all areas of life, from personal to collective surroundings. People and organizations who try to do something for the environment and inclusion show that they value and act accordingly.

Building trust leads businesses to success.

To have a successful business in the long run, it is essential to build trusted relationships with your customers. Trust is one of the most important factors that connect businesses and people. Inspakt presents a trust builder platform. In which you can generate various fillable templates, documents, and inspections. It is also an easy and smart way to finalize documents with a digital biometric signature. This can help companies to build trusted relationships with their customers more efficiently.

Sura Aydin

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